Thursday, June 2, 2011



          Hi all hope all is well. Normally i try to blog about thing that just come to my mind for the moment and the last two were fun blogs about places i go to with family and friends buy latley there is a terrifying frenzy going on here in the states its TORNADO destruction. WTF everywhere i go this is the topic on tv i always payed attention but was never to nervous for me and my family because living on long island it is very rare that we get a TORNADO.
         Living in fear has to be one of the most stressful things anyone can go through, I know ive been there but when it something you cant control its even worse. Yesterday all morning there were news flashes all over our local stations saying we had a TORNADO warning!!  WHAT??? a TORNADO warning here????? on long island???? NO WAY well it was true and for some panic set in. My youngest daughter (7) asked "daddy are we going to die like all those other people" I said no sweetie we will keep listening to the t.v and radio and take cover when needed.. TAKE COVER???? holy cow i have NO basement i'm scewed..

         Needless to say it started to rain and the sky turned black, HOLY SHHHHHHHHT is this it? is it going to happen???? I was real nervous for me and my kids they stayed home from school because they were scared. The RAINS CAME AND THE WINDS PICKED UP THE RADIO AND T.V WERE STILL ON THANK GOD. Within a half and hour it was over, we had some little branches down and some leaves but that was about it. Thank god it didnt turn into something more dangerous. Living on long island we do have fears, hurricanes like to come very close to us but they dont seem to hit us that hard, guess our waters up here are to cold they normally go off the coast, but we have had some big ones over the past 75 years.

        As i took my kids to there favorite spot the REDMANGO reality set in we were ok and it was over no more warnings and everyone was happy. Not so fast we get a phone call from my brother in law that lives in Massachusetts just north of Springfield he said they here sirons and and a TORNADO is on the ground coming his way.. BOB "run for cover i said" his phone went dead. WTF is going on. We head back to the house and put on CNN there it was "TORNADO touches down in SPRINGFIELD MASS" I was like NOOOOOOOO . Bob called later when the lines cleared up and told us that it was crazy he wasnt in the TORNADO but damn close enough to shttttt his pants... LOL  ..

       So whats going on why is the country in lockdown over mother nature? Why is this stuff happening all over the States?? not just TORNADOES but also flooding like crazy people are losing there houses and lifes. I guess this is a blog about reality for all those people that never had to worry about these things now even WE are starting to worry. Well this is my opinion to what is going on in my life thanks for reading and bless all those that have been going through hell with any of these damaging storms. I here the red cross is doing a great job trying to help people in need so maybe donating there is a good thing.

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